Pfeifer LandtechnikPfeifer LandtechnikPfeifer LandtechnikPfeifer Landtechnik

Otto Pfeifer founded the family business „Otto Pfeifer-Landmaschinen“ in 1958, after his 4 year experience in agricultural machines trading. At that time the little machine shop was situated in his own home in Laives (little town in the northern part of Italy) and besides selling McCormick tractors, the shop also sold some other agricultural machines and accessories.

The business philosophy, which came quickly to light, was based on correctness, trustworthiness and firmness and soon the rooms in Laives were too little for a right execution of the work. In this circumstances Otto took his big step for the future and moved the little business to Pineta di Laives (near Laives), bought a big warehouse with a wide show area. After that, the area was enlarged again in 1993 with the building of an underground garage and in 2005 with an extension of the show area. Today the business counts about 7000 square meters.

In 1978 Otto Pfeifer created a new business with partners, the Viland Snc in Laces, to satisfy the requirements off customers in the north west part of South Tyrol. Today this business is leaded by Otto’s sons, Otmar and Martin.

Numbers speak alone about the success of Otto’s family business “Pfeifer Landtechnik”. In fifty-five years there were sold about 10.000 new tractors and about 9.000 used tractors.
Today there are twenty-five people employed in the company and nine partnerships with other machine shops have been created to satisfy customers of the whole South Tyrol quickly and thoroughly.

The business philosophy linked to the best products made the whole group one of the most important businesses of the Alpine area.